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JV Digital Engineering

JV Digital Engineering provides a variety of electrical engineering design services, ranging from custom ATE to X10 automation equipment.

Recent development work has been on increasing the reliability of X10 automation systems.  A series of troubleshooting guides explain how X10 systems operate, and how to deal with a variety of issues that impact their reliability.  The XTB and XTB-IIR were developed to boost the output of most X10 transmitters, achieving signal levels sufficient for reliable operation of X10 devices throughout a home.

My X10 troubleshooting guides recommend the ESM1 X10 signal meter for tracking down X10 problems.  The ESM1 has been discontinued along with another unit in that price range.  That left only the simple X10 XPTR (and its Leviton clone), and units costing several hundred dollars.  Since they are clearly beyond the means of many X10 users, I developed the XTBM X10 signal meter to fill the gap left by the discontinued ESM1.

In past years JV Digital Engineering has developed a variety of data acquisition and control systems.  Most have utilized either 8-bit Motorola/Freescale or PIC microcontrollers.  Complete engineering design services are available from concept through working prototypes.

If you have a challenging control or measurement problem that is not easily solved with commercially available equipment, we may be able to help.

JV Digital Engineering
396 North Crestline Circle
St. George, UT 84790


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