X10 and other Electrical Items For Sale

Due to limited quantity, the X10 devices are only available to new and former XTB customers.

X10 and Leviton X10 Compatible Devices

(1+) RR501     $29  RF transceiver
(1+) XPCP      $35  new "Decora" tuned passive coupler
(4+) XPPF      $22  5A plug-in filter (check stock before ordering)
(2+) XPF       $34  20A wire-in filter (fits into a triple-gang electrical box)
(0)  6287      $29  Leviton noise block - small 5A wire-in filter (check stock before ordering)
(5)  MR26A     $12  computer RF link
(0)  TW523     ---  powerline interface (out of stock - alternate XTB-523)
(0)  PUM01     ---  X10 Pro universal module (out of stock)
(1)  WS467     $15  wall dimmer switch (small pushbutton)
(0)  WS12A     ---  wall dimmer switch (out of stock)
(0)  6226      ---  Leviton version of original X10 LM465 lamp module (out of stock)
(0)  6227-W    ---  Leviton version of X10 PA011 wall receptacle (out of stock)
(3)  6233-I    $29  Leviton 15A 250V X10 wall receptacle (for NEMA 6-15 horizontal prong plug)
(0)  6291-WI   ---  Leviton 15A 125V push-on/push-off single-pole relay switch (out of stock)
(0)  6298-W    ---  Leviton 20A 250V X10 XPR2 wall receptacle (out of stock)
(0)  6312-W    ---  Leviton 4-address wall-mounted controller (Looking for defective units)
(0)  6330      $39  Leviton version of PF284 PowerFlash module (out of stock)
(3)  6337      $39  Leviton version of UM506 Universal module
(0)  6381-WI   ---  Leviton 500W 125V push-on/push-off dimmer switch (NO neutral) (out of stock)
(0)  16400     ---  Leviton wall-mounted controller body (Sorry - no more left)
(5)  16450-4DW $12  Leviton 3-address + dim controller keypad (White)
(6)  16450-2DW $10  Leviton 1-address + dim controller keypad (White)
(0)  16450-1W  ---  Leviton 1-address controller keypad (Sorry - no more left)
ask  16450-?   $?   Leviton controller keypads - a few other assorted types available
(0)  HCC10-1SW ---  Leviton 1-address wall-mount Decora controller (out of stock)
(0)  HCM06-1SW ---  Leviton "green-line" 600W dimmer (out of stock)
(0)  HCM10-1SW ---  Leviton "green-line" 1000W dimmer (out of stock)
(0)  HCM06-1DW $69  Leviton "green-line" 600W dimmer with LED brightness bar
(2)  HCI06-1LW $69  Leviton "green-line" 600W dimmer with LED brightness bar
(0)  HCM10-1DW ---  Leviton "green-line" 1000W dimmer with LED brightness bar (out of stock)
(0)  MS00R-10I $10  Leviton Ivory Decora multi-remote (adds 3-way to many Leviton switches)

NOTE: "+" are items normally stocked.  Please confirm availability if you need more than the quantity indicated.

Many more Leviton DHC/X10 devices available in overstock or "pre-owned" condition.  Ask if you don't see it listed.

Other Leviton Electrical Devices

(2)  48213-IDC $89 Ivory Decora indoor security camera (box opened but unused)
(2)  12505      $5 Deluxe Multi-Stripper Crimping Tool
(1)  55050      $8 50A 250V surface-mount receptacle

Leviton & Hubbell Twist-Lock Connectors

A whole bunch - inquire for prices and availability


Please contact me by email at: jeff@jvde.us before ordering to verify availablity and check shipping cost. There is no order form or shopping cart. You can place your order through PayPal by making payment to:  jeff@jvde.us

The PayPal category is GOODS.  Please specify the device name(s) and Kit or Assembled for the email subject.

Please include 6.25% sales tax if the order is to be shipped to a Utah address.

Unless clearly agreed upon prior to your order, the shipment will go to your confirmed PayPal address.

Payment can also be sent to:

        Jeff Volp     <- make payment to
        396 North Crestline Circle
        St. George, UT 84790

NOTE:  I try to respond promptly to all email queries, but some of my responses have apparently been intercepted by spam filters.  Please check your spam folder if you are waiting for my reply.  Also note that reliability problems with our broadband provider have interrupted our Internet access for hours.


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