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The original XTB was a simple plug-in module that boosted the output of any X10 transmitter plugged directly into it. The XTBR added the ability to repeat commands received over the powerline. While the latest version no longer includes the X10 Boost input, it will still provide that function for an X10 transmitter plugged into a nearby AC outlet.
The XTBR is based on the proven XTB-232/523 hardware design, but the serial port has been eliminated to reduce cost. Because the XTBR doesn't waste energy on unnecessary 3-phase signal bursts, it can deliver more than 10 times the signal power of a typical X10 transmitter.

The XTBR can be plugged into any AC outlet. Best performance is obtained when it is located near the distribution panel to minimize signal loss in the run to the panel.
Since the XTBR only drives the phase it is plugged into, a good passive coupler is required to propagate its strong signal to the opposite phase. A coupler may also be needed to receive weak signals from transmitters on the opposite phase. A coupler/repeater like the X10 XPCR will not propagate the XTBR signal to the opposite phase because it uses its own transmitter to do that. If the installation does not already include a good passive coupler like the X10 XPCP, it may be worth considering the XTB-IIR, which drives both phases directly, and includes its own passive coupler.

The current XTBR firmware evolved from the latest XTB-IIR, and it includes several new features. Now it is easy to check the status of any mode option directly on the LED. The new version also includes the ability to prevent repeating commands on selected housecodes, which can be handy when two X10 homes share the same utility transformer.

See the XTBR Mode Options document for a detailed description of the available mode options.

XTBR High-Power Plug-in X10 Repeater