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The XTBM displays X10 signal voltage, carrier frequency, and last decoded X10 command. It also displays powerline noise, and will indicate various types of errors that plague X10 communication, including the ubiquitous “bad start code”. With its 10mV resolution, the XTBM should be a valuable tool to help you track down troublesome X10 problems.

XTBM-Pro adds a number of additional display modes, including an expanded noise readout, a logging history, and the ability to see the individual bits in a command. While the XTBM is excellent for troubleshooting X10 signal propagation problems, the XTBM-Pro provides additional tools to track down troublesome X10 control problems. The XTBM-Pro Instructions go into more detail on the additional XTBM-Pro display modes.
Many folks experience problems with their X10 automation systems as they add new electrical devices to their homes. X10 reliability problems are usually due to weak signals or electrical noise on the powerline.

Weak signals are caused by the large number of electrical loads found in our homes today, particularly computers and other electronic equipment with built-in line filters. Powerline noise is commonly caused by electrical devices with switching power supplies, such as high-efficiency "wall-wart" power modules, CFL and even some newer LED bulbs.

Without some sort of X10 signal meter it is difficult to track down devices that are causing trouble. In the past the ESM1 was used by many of us to maintain the reliability of our X10 systems. Unfortunately, that and all other meters in the same price class have long been discontinued, leaving only units costing several hundred dollars. The XTBM was developed to fill the gap

XTBM-Pro X10 Signal Analyzer