Hey Jeff,

    I for one have been waiting for a product like yours for years. For a long time I have been searching for the "Black holes" in my X-10 network and placing filters where I find signal eaters.

    Well with the XTB I can just slam through them. I have X10 signal like never before.

    As for the kit.

    I downloaded all the documentation I could find before I even bought the kit. The documents for the most part are clear and to the point. I would recommend sending the documents with the kits, or a piece of paper with the kit pointing were to get the documents before construction of the kit.

    Maybe you could make a sheet in the instructions with the component mask printed on it.

    Components are always a bit tricky to id. They keep getting smaller and harder to see the numbers.

    These kits are not for the electronics novice. Either in identification of components or the soldering of the kit.

    Final assembly was not a problem, your instructions were very clear on that. The finished pieces went together very well. Nice finished product..

    I can't say enough about the operation of the unit. My little Elk X10 signal tester shows almost full scale signal everywhere in my 2,800 sf home. I was getting a little ringing when I looked at the signal on a scope. But it turned out to be an issue with a coupler, not your unit.

    As for construction tips. Take your time! Check the components twice before soldering once. Check the polarity and recheck. Especially the signal diodes. Mine XTB ran the first time I plugged the unit in.

    Thank you Jeff for a great X10 signal enhancer.