Tonight I installed my XTB II after completing a 4 hour assembly session

a few nights earlier. It would have gone faster if I weren't so rusty on

the resistor color codes but I wanted to triple check every step so I

wouldn't have to go back and troubleshoot later.  My efforts and caution

paid off as the device powered up and worked on the first try!


I decided to take advantage of the TW-523 emulation function and

eliminate the TW-523 unit completely.  I wired the XTB II to both legs

of power using a dryer plug and outlet that I had installed when trying

a Boosterlinc a few years back.  Next, I plugged the Power Line

Interface cable into the Stargate and the XTB II using a standard

modular telephone cable.


Now for the results (drum roll please...):  SHAME on X10 for not

producing this product themselves 20+ years ago!  Jeff Volp has hit

another homerun with this product.  The original XTB is good for what it

does and I was quite happy with it but the XTB II delivers strong

signals everywhere in my 8500 sf home without any additional couplers or

repeaters.  I didn't remove any of my filters but I suspect I don't need

them all now.  If this device were available a year ago I probably

wouldn't have bought any Insteon stuff.  As for Insteon, The XTB II does

nothing adverse to the Insteon signaling.


To sum up, the XTB II is worth every penny and more.  If you enjoy kit

building as I do, and you have time, excellent soldering skills, a low

wattage iron and patience, go for the kit, otherwise, let Jeff build it

for you for the small additional charge and get a fully tested plug 'n

play unit that works right out of the box.  Aside from my Stargate

controller, the XTB II is the most important and valuable piece of X10

compatible hardware I've purchased in the 24 years I've been using this