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The XTB-IIR+ digital port will accept the same connector that would normally be plugged into a X10 TW523 or PSC05. The XTB-IIR+ opto-isolated digital interface is functionally identical to that of the TW523, but the XTB-IIR+ TW523 emulation differs from the actual TW523 in several regards. The XTB-IIR+ error checks all incoming data, and does not produce any output when a collision is detected. And since the XTB-IIR+ does not need a gap to separate X10 messages, it will recognize all commands in a bright/dim sequence. The XTB-IIR+ will both transmit AND receive extended messages, and it can also repeat the “doublet” extended messages produced by the CM15A.

A major upgrade to the XTB-IIR / XTB-IIR+ firmware in 2013 added several new features. Now it is easy to check the status of any mode option directly on the LED. The new version also includes the ability to prevent repeating commands on selected housecodes, which can be handy when two X10 homes share the same utility transformer.

See the XTB-IIR Mode Options document for a detailed description of the available mode options.
The XTB-IIR+ is a special order version of the XTB-IIR that delivers even more signal power for special situations. It is based on the discontinued 3-phase XTB-III, but with just two coupling networks populated for a standard 120/240V split-phase electrical distribuiton system. The XTB-IIR+ takes advantage of the larger XTB-III power supply that can deliver twice as much power.

Two versions of the XTB-IIR+ are available. The "heavy load" version delivers the same signal voltage as the XTB-IIR, but with twice the current capability for installations with a very large number of electrical loads. The "long run" version delivers about 25% more signal voltage for extra punch in installations with very long electrical runs, such as a farm or large estate with X10 devices located hundreds of feet from the transmitter.

XTB-IIR+ Super Power X10 Repeater