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In the past the only way to deal with powerline noise was to isolate the offending devices with X10 filters. With CFL and LED lights proliferating, that can be cumbersome, and the XTB-ANR (Active Noise Reducer) offers an alternate solution. The XTB-ANR will significantly reduce even in-band powerline noise.

The XTB-ANR continually monitors the powerline for PLC signals, and will switch off its attenuator when an X10 or Insteon signal is recognized. One plugged into each phase near the distribution panel will significantly reduce the overall noise levels throughout the home, including any coming in over the utility feed. If there is a known strong noise source inside the home, best results may be obtained by plugging a XTB-ANR into the same circuit. In some cases it may still be necessary to isolate a particularly strong noise source with an individual filter for nearby X10 devices to work properly. The goal is to restore the relatively benign electrical environment that existed when the X10 protocol was first developed.
Many electronic devices such as CFL or LED lights and small modular power supplies can generate noise that is injected onto the powerline. As we add more of these devices to our homes, many of us are experiencing problems with our X10 systems from the powerline noise generated by these devices.

X10 commands are sent as a series of signal bursts coupled to the powerline. Presence of a burst signifies a logic "1", and absence a logic "0". Noise near the X10 carrier frequency can fill in those blank frames, making it impossible for a receiving module to decode the command unless it includes some form of AGC to raise its detection threshold above the background noise level.

XTB-ANR Active Noise Reducer