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The XTB-232 adheres to sections 1 through 5 of the CM11A protocol document.
The XTB-232 is an X10 powerline interface for PC-based automation systems. This plug-in unit emulates the CM11A “real-time” protocol, and can be directly used as a CM11A substitute for PC-based automation systems such as HomeSeer, Home Control Assistant, or XTension (Mac).

The XTB-232 does not have a schedule clock, and will not support any controller functions itself, but it will act as a powerline interface for ActiveHome or ActiveHome Pro running on the PC. It handles all CM11A direct-action commands, but will not accept any downloaded functions such as timed events or macros. While not quite as powerful as the XTBR or XTB-IIR, it outputs a much stronger signal than the CM11A.

The CM11A serial port cable can plug directly into the XTB-232.

XTB-232 X10 Serial Powerline Interface