Author Topic: Which way to go, X10 or X10感ro?  (Read 11207 times)

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Re: Which way to go, X10 or X10感ro?
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The XPT was redesigned at one point in its life.
The base unit and face plates from the original design work together and so do the base unit and face plates of the new design work together. You can't mix an old style part with a new style part.

Huh? Did I confuse an "old" X10 part with a "new" X10感ro part? Isn't XPT just the base unit (controller) and XP4-W-NS just the 4-button faceplate? Also, some places show both units together in a single package, but with different labelling.

If you have a switch loop. Most likely the neutral for that light is in the fixture itself.

Unfortunately, it's one of those 'split' wall socket wirings where the upper socket is wall-switched to control the lamp but the lower socket is always hot. The switch itself has just two black wires, but there's also a bundle (looks like three wires) "wire-nutted" together that are buried back in the enclosure that *could* contain the elusive white Return line but they're ALL covered with white overspray paint, so I cannot see...will have to probe with my voltmeter.

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Re: Which way to go, X10 or X10感ro?
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Sorry I was not to clear.
The XPT is the base unit but there where two models.
The "A" version uses the updated face plates. The old version used the older face plates that some dealers still have for replacements.

The bundle of wires all nutted together very well could be the neutrals. See if you can find more details as this maybe what you need.
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