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Google Home and X10 control
« on: December 28, 2017, 05:04:35 AM »
I picked up a google min in late November mostly to have a back up to Alexa which I've come to use very regularly.
I was hoping to use it with Alex10 and the HA-Bridge but discovered just months prior Google stopped working with HA-Bridge.
This I'm told was due to the way Google was looking for Philips hue devices and no longer worked with hue simulators. :(

Here in Canada, Google home is less expensive then the Alexa comparable devices so I may add more of those then Alexa units.
I like my Alexa but Google is starting to grow on me and she is winning me over slowly.
This got me to looking for a way to get Google Home working with my X10 system as well as Alexa does or better.
I found Samsung SmartThings has a cloud Hub which I could utilize (no hardware hub required).
This takes a bit to setup but it is incredibly fast.
I created a small web request handler(SmartCloud) which looks for Web requests and passes X10 info on.
Currently I only have Google Home using SmartCloud and my Alexa devices using HA-Bridge both send info to Alex10.
However it is possible to use SmartCloud as a standalone App.
X10 turned me into a Software programmer.
A warning label should have been added ;)