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PSC04 / PL513 replacement
« on: July 15, 2017, 07:42:11 AM »
I ran across a post on another forum mentioning my intention to add a jumper to the XTB-523 to allow it to function as the transmit-only PSC04/PL513.  I never did that because much of the circuitry would not be used.

It is easier and cheaper to assemble a custom version of the XTB-523 so it functions as a transmit-only unit.  One jumper is added to turn the receiver output into a redundant ground, and then all of the receiver circuitry is left out.  The firmware is the same, but it will never receive any signals.

Contact me directly if you need a transmit-only replacement for the PSC04/PL513.

Note that the XTB-IIR can also be assembled to function as the PSC04/PL513.  It turns the digital port into a transmit-only configuration, but the boost and repeater functions are unchanged.  A unit can be custom-assembled in that configuration on request at no additional cost.

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