Author Topic: Sonof modules (Itead Studios)  (Read 544 times)


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Sonof modules (Itead Studios)
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:33:37 AM »
These small cheep Wi-Fi modules look promising.
There is a low voltage version that can use 4- 24 volts which not only will trigger that voltage on/off but you can have it trigger 110 on/off

I picked up the standard(non low voltage model without RF) to play with adding Wi-Fi to my outdoor wood furnace.
So far it looks promising.

The fact that RF can be added to both versions opens up the possibility for this to work with X10.
In fact I even suggested X10 support be added in their forum.
They have suggested that ideas that get lots of votes are more apt to get implemented however my suggestion has only one other users liking this idea :'(
If you like the X10 idea, log into their forum and vote for it!

I plan on ordering a few of the safe voltage (low voltage) model in order to experiment with some 12 volt things at my off grid place once I have the furnace mod working.
The only current draw back with these right now is they use the cloud :( (X10WTI made me hate cloudy days)
Itlead has maintained a SDK is coming by end of April.
With a SDK it will be able to have them work with X10 via software :)
X10 turned me into a Software programmer.
A warning label should have been added ;)