Author Topic: What are the legalities involved with trying to bring back forums and SW?  (Read 1577 times)

Tony Olson

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I'm just an old outdated IT guy but the issue of what's legal (or not) with X10 in re: to SW or forum data should be addressed I would think. There's allot of well meaning people in this forum and I'd hate to see someone get into trouble. I really have no idea.

Just a thought.



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Redistributing SW can lead one into hot water if one isn't careful .
Appropriate steps need to be taken before anyone sets up a actively rebuilt companies forum as well.
Only previously publicly viewable info would be allowed
Many disclaimers would need to be put in place.
Quoting publicly published info from a company isn't a problem.
Linking to read only public forum pages is in effect quoting.

Of course different jurisdictions may have different views as to what is or isn't allowed.

X10 turned me into a Software programmer.
A warning label should have been added ;)