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XTBR Firmware
« on: January 14, 2014, 02:31:50 PM »
While working on a firmware update for the XTB-IIR I discovered what may have been causing some dimmer problems for people using the CM11A or CM15A.  ActiveHome sets the brightness level of old style dimmers by first sending a series of bright commands for full-on, followed by a series of dim commands to set the desired brightness.

I discovered that when there was an odd number of bright or dim commands in the sequence, one additional command could be tacked onto the end of the sequence.  That would cause a collision if the next command closely followed the bright or dim sequence.

Since the XTBR shares much of the XTB-IIR firmware, a similar problem exists XTBR version 1.10.  A new version 1.11 is available that terminates the bright or dim sequence coincident with the source transmission, preventing a possible collision corrupting the next command.

This is a free firmware update for those of you who purchased the new version XTBR.  Please contact me directly for the update, which involves changing a chip inside the unit.

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