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Title: XTB-232 and XTB-523 Firmware Updates
Post by: Jeff on August 14, 2013, 09:23:56 PM
This was originally posted on the X10 Forum at the end of April 2013:

A couple of folks who purchased the XTB-232 and XTB-523 reported problems receiving incoming X10 commands.  These units have about the same sensitivity as other X10 devices in a low-noise environment.  Because these units incorporate AGC to raise their detection thresholds above the background noise level, I thought the lower sensitivity was due to powerline noise.

Recently one of those folks reported the problem occurred when his XPCR repeater was in service, which gave me the clue I needed to simulate what was going on.  The AGC sample point is 1.6mS after each zero crossing to ignore the normal 1mS signal bursts.  I discovered the XPCR and similar Leviton repeaters actually output much longer signal bursts that extended into the AGC sample region, and were being sampled as noise.  The firmware for both of these units has been changed to ignore the longer signal bursts.

A free firmware update is available for anyone who is using the XTB-232 or XTB-523 along with the XPCR or Leviton repeater.  Just contact me directly.  Note that this only affects incoming commands from remote transmitters.

A similar issue exists with XTBM in that it may report noise during X10 transmissions when using one of those repeaters.  The latest firmware update for the XTBM and XTBM-Pro corrects that as well.

Title: Re: XTB-232 and XTB-523 Firmware Updates
Post by: Jeff on January 13, 2014, 09:57:01 AM
One of my customers reported a problem using the XTB-523 as a powerline interface for the RCS X10-compatible thermostat.  I acquired one of the RCS thermostats to investigate the problem, and discovered it was not adhering to the X10 protocol spec.

The X10 spec says the maximum allowable delay from the 60Hz zero crossing to the assertion of the X10 envelope input from the OEM product (RCS thermostat) is 50uS.  The XTB-523 sampled that input for about 250uS before switching to monitoring the powerline.  The RCS thermostat that I tested asserts its output 200uS after the falling edge of the zero crossing, and 250uS after the rising edge of the zero crossing.  Since that is at the borderline of the XTB-523 sampling that input, some of those pulses were missed.
To accommodate the delayed output from the RCS thermostat, I modified the code to continue monitoring the digital port during the X10 reception window.  Please contact me directly if you are having trouble using the XTB-523 with either the RCS TX10-B or RCS TX15-B thermostats.

Title: Re: XTB-232 and XTB-523 Firmware Updates
Post by: Jeff on January 17, 2014, 09:38:07 PM
There has been another update to the XTB-523 firmware to address the same issue with ActiveHome absolute dim commands for the old style modules that was fixed in the recent XTBR and XTB-IIR updates.  This is only an issue if you have enabled the XTB-523 repeater and are sending the long bright and dim sequences over the powerline as part of a macro.  This update does not effect the normal operation of the XTB-523 through the digital port.