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Title: XTBR / XTB-IIR mode programming utility
Post by: Jeff on August 29, 2014, 07:27:45 AM
A Maxi Controller is normally used for XTBR / XTB-IIR mode programming.  Some people have asked how to do mode programming with a CM15A or CM11A.  One of my customers wrote a nifty utility to do that, and I've sent it to anyone who asked for it.

The 1.20 XTB-IIR firmware update last fall added several new mode options, including the ability to inhibit repeating certain housecodes.  That can prevent command ping-pong in installations where more than one repeater is powered by the same utility transformer.

I updated the utility to support all new mode options except for the ability to query the AGC detection threshold.  (The X10 SDK does not support reading preset dim commands.)  A beta version of the utility is available by sending me a private request.  Also let me know which version firmware you have.